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Breast Pumps Electrical Wearable-1306 Plus

Sale price$89.00 USD
💯【Single Motor Dual Pump】 KISSBOBO hands free breast pump can be used on one side or connected through a silicone tube for simultaneous dual-sided usage, making it convenient to effectively empty the milk supply. Friendly reminder: It is recommended to use both sides simultaneously. Due to the suction design, using only one side may cause discomfort. If you need to use only one side, please adjust to a lower level.

💯【Weightless and quietness】KISSBOBO portable breast pumps is exceptional quietness, emitting a mere 45 dB during operation. Additionally, it is remarkably lightweight, tipping the scales at a mere 271 grams. This unique combination of silent operation and lightweight design makes our breast pump a standout choice for mothers seeking convenience and ease in their breastfeeding journey.
💯【Smart Display with Timer】 KISSBOBO electric breast pump comes equipped with a built-in timer function, adding further convenience to your daily breastfeeding routine. The large LED display screen provides clear visibility, showcasing an array of crucial details such as suction modes, intensity levels, battery status, and usage time. With a simple touch of the intuitive touchscreen, you can effortlessly select your preferred mode and intensity level.
💯【Multiple Settings for Personalized Expression】The KISSBOBO breast pump electrical offers 3 modes and 12 adjustable levels, catering to mothers with varying sensitivities. This ensures that every mother can customize her own exclusive milk expression mode, effortlessly tending to her baby and relishing in a complete and comprehensive display of maternal love.
💯【Secure Silicone Breast Pump】Here at KISSBOBO, we're dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service and assistance. Should you have any queries or apprehensions regarding our breast pump, our affable team is readily available to offer guidance. Place your order for the KISSBOBO breast pump with assurance and experience hands-free pumping like never before!

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Alyssa Schriber
1306 plus

This is an amazing pump it has boasted my supply in just a few days of using it I love this pump so much

Eirini Panteli
Comfortable and easy to use

Easy to use, fits to the nipple comfortably, comfortable to use, not too loud, can be used hands free - whilst your not going to be running a marathon wearing it but you can certainly watch tv, use a computer etc whilst wearing an using.3 different modes and adjustable intensity which allows you to find the perfect fit for you.Easy to take apart to clean and store.

Pink Panther
Quiet and Convenient

A well made and easy to use single motor dual breast pump which can be used hands-free either on one or both sides can be used at the same time. The pump is equipped with a built-in timer function with a large LED display where you can see the suction mode, strength level, battery status and usage time> It is a very quiet and light pump which is soft and comfortable to use. You can even customise your preferred pumping mode. For the price it is good value for such a well made and feature filled pump.

Easy to use, comfortable

The Electric Hands-Free Breast Pump has revolutionized my life as a nursing mother, and I can't help but sing its praises for the convenience, performance, and innovation it brings to breastfeeding.First and foremost, the hands-free design is an absolute game-changer. It allows me to multitask and make the most of my time while effortlessly pumping milk. Whether I'm working, reading, or just snuggling with my little one, this breast pump allows me to do it all while ensuring a steady and comfortable milk expression.The single motor dual pump feature is a blessing. It mimics the natural suckling pattern of a baby, providing a painless and comfortable pumping experience. The ability to choose from 3 modes and 12 levels allows me to customize the pump's intensity to match my comfort and milk flow, making it feel like a personalized breastfeeding session.The LED display is a fantastic addition. It provides real-time information about the pumping status, including the mode, level, and duration. It's incredibly useful for keeping track of my pumping sessions and ensuring I maintain my preferred settings.The low noise operation is a dream come true. I can pump discreetly without disturbing others or drawing unwanted attention. This is especially important during nighttime sessions when quietness is essential for a peaceful environment.The 21mm flanges are comfortable and suitable for my needs. They ensure a proper fit and help with milk expression, reducing discomfort or chafing.The portability of this pump is a huge plus. It's compact and lightweight, fitting easily into my bag or even a pocket. Whether I'm traveling or just going out for a few hours, this breast pump is always with me, ensuring that my little one gets the nourishment they need.In conclusion, the Electric Hands-Free Breast Pump is a true lifesaver for nursing mothers. Its hands-free design, customizable settings, LED display, and low noise operation make it an ideal choice for those who want a convenient and efficient pumping experience. Whether you're a working mom or simply want to make breastfeeding more flexible, this breast pump is an absolute must-have.

Very handy and easy to use

This electric breast pump is equipped with a built-in timer making it very convenience for daily breastfeeding. The large LED display is clearly visible and shows a range of important details such as suction mode, strength level, battery status and usage time. At the touch of an intuitive touch screen, you can easily select your preferred mode and strength level for a personalised and comfortable breastfeeding experience.very low noise and very well designed.recommended.