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Classic adhesive bra

Using the traceless glue attached to your chest will not cause any discomfort, but will effectively improve the shape and fullness of your breasts, so that you have a more confident figure.

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Wing style adhesive bra

It features a patented strapless, suspendless design with premium medical glue that fits freely on your chest without dropping or slipping off. In addition, the wings also use a special "butterfly shape" design, can better enhance the chest fullness and three-dimensional, so that you have a confident curve at all times.

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Mango adhesive chest patch

Inspired by mango, the design adopts mango-shaped three-dimensional cutting to fit the chest shape, making the chest look more straight and natural. It is made of advanced polyurethane material and medical glue, which is safe and non-irritating, providing strong support and invisibility. There is also a paper protective film on the back to protect the glue from dust or dirt.

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  • About Us

    KISSBOBO is a brand focused on women's underwear, breast beauty care and fashion wear. Kissbobo is committed to providing quality products and services to make women feel more confident and beautiful in what they wear.

  • function

    KISSBOBO Chest Patch is one of the brand's signature products, with a strapless, suspendless design that provides women with invisible chest support and a comfortable wearing experience.

  • serve

    The KISSBOBO brand focuses on product quality and quality service. All products are manufactured using high quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure product reliability and durability. In addition, the brand also provides quality pre-sale and after-sales service, so that consumers can feel at ease to buy and use.