KISSBIOBO Breast Pumps Win MUSE Design Awards

We are extremely proud to announce that two of KISSBIOBO’s breast pump products—the 1508Pro and the GLE10—have won Silver and Gold Awards, respectively, at the 2024 MUSE Design Awards. This honor not only recognizes our design and innovation capabilities but also affirms our commitment to providing the best user experience.

MUSE Design Awards: A Prestigious Honor in the Design World

The MUSE Design Awards are among the most prestigious accolades in the global design industry, aiming to recognize outstanding achievements in design innovation, artistic expression, and user experience. Attracting top designers and brands from around the world, the awards undergo a rigorous evaluation process to select the most creative and influential design works in various fields. KISSBIOBO's excellent performance in this year’s MUSE Design Awards not only showcases our leadership in design and technology but also earns us international recognition.

Award-Winning Products: 1508Pro and GLE10 Breast Pumps

1508Pro Breast Pump The 1508Pro breast pump won the Silver Award at the MUSE Design Awards for its innovative design and outstanding performance. This product features intelligent adjustment technology that automatically adjusts suction and frequency based on the user’s individual needs, providing a more comfortable and efficient pumping experience. Its touch screen design is intuitive and easy to use, even for first-time mothers. The widespread positive feedback from users attests to the 1508Pro's success in the market.

GLE10 Breast Pump The GLE10 breast pump won the Gold Award, becoming one of the most acclaimed products of the year. The GLE10 not only excels in portability and silent operation but also reaches new heights in overall user experience. Its ergonomic design ensures long-term comfort without fatigue. Additionally, the GLE10’s components are easy to clean and disinfect, significantly reducing the maintenance burden for users.

Design Philosophy and Innovation

KISSBIOBO always places user needs at the core of product design. Through extensive market research and user feedback, we gain deep insights into the pain points and needs of new mothers when using breast pumps. Whether it’s comfort, portability, or ease of use, we strive to consider these aspects comprehensively in our designs, ensuring each product effectively addresses real user problems and enhances the user experience.

In designing the 1508Pro and GLE10 breast pumps, we boldly adopted the latest technologies and innovative design concepts, ensuring each product achieves the best functionality and aesthetics. We chose biodegradable and recyclable materials, adhering strictly to environmental standards, and committed to providing users with green and healthy product choices.

Continuous Innovation and Quality Commitment

Looking to the future, KISSBIOBO will continue to focus on product design innovation and constantly explore the application of new technologies. We will keep listening to users’ voices, setting higher standards to drive product iterations and upgrades, and providing the best quality breast pump products for new mothers worldwide.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

KISSBIOBO also fully considers the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development in the design process. We select biodegradable and recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact. Our product design and manufacturing processes strictly adhere to environmental standards, committed to providing users with green and healthy product choices.

We thank the MUSE Design Awards for recognizing our efforts and express our gratitude to all users for their support and trust in KISSBIOBO. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to delivering more high-quality products and better user experiences for new mothers. We look forward to bringing more innovation and surprises in the future, creating a more beautiful breastfeeding experience together with our users.

KISSBIOBO—Designed with Love and Care.


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