Introducing the KISSBOBO M1: A New Era of Breastfeeding

We are thrilled to announce the official release of our latest innovative product—the M1 Breast Pump. This article will reveal the development background, design process, and how we continuously optimized through user feedback to create a breast pump that truly meets the needs of mothers.

The Story Behind the Product Development

As a brand dedicated to maternal and child care, KISSBOBO always prioritizes the needs of mothers and babies. Through market research and user feedback, we discovered that many existing breast pumps cause discomfort or even pain during use. To help mothers breastfeed more easily and comfortably, we decided to develop the M1 Breast Pump.

User Feedback-Driven Design

Throughout the product development process, we extensively collected user feedback. Many mothers reported a common issue with wearable breast pumps: they were too painful to use. We made addressing this issue a primary focus, striving to resolve it through technological innovation.

Mother feeding baby

Innovative Design of the M1 Breast Pump

To meet the diverse needs of mothers, the M1 Breast Pump is equipped with four modes:

  • Breast Pumping Mode: Provides strong and stable suction to help mothers pump efficiently.
  • Massage Mode: Simulates the sensation of a baby’s sucking, relieving breast pressure.
  • Automatic Mode: Intelligently adjusts suction for a fully automated experience.
  • Collecting Mode: Suitable for milk storage, ensuring that no drop of breast milk is wasted.

In addition, the M1 Breast Pump features 19 adjustable suction levels, allowing mothers to adjust the suction according to their needs and find the most comfortable pumping strength.

kkissbobo M1  Hands-free breast pump

Testing and Optimization Process

During the development phase, we conducted multiple tests and invited several mothers to participate in trials. Through repeated adjustments and optimizations, we ensured that the M1 Breast Pump achieved the best performance and comfort.

Core Advantages of the M1 Breast Pump

  • Comfort: 19 suction levels effectively alleviate pain, making the pumping process more comfortable.
  • Versatility: Four modes meet different usage scenarios.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive control panel makes operation simple.
  • Portability: Compact design and Type-C charging cable, suitable for use on the go.

The M1 Breast Pump is a brand-new creation we present to mothers. It not only features breakthrough innovations in function and design but also reaches new heights in comfort and ease of use. We believe this product will become an invaluable helper in every mother’s breastfeeding journey. Experience the M1 Breast Pump now and enjoy unprecedented comfort and convenience!