Why Choose KISSBOBO?

New mothers face a challenging decision when it comes to choosing a breast pump. Breastfeeding, although widely regarded as the most ideal way to feed your baby in the first few months, comes with its own set of practical issues and challenges, particularly for mothers who need to return to the workplace or need to feed their babies while away from home. them. In this context, a high-quality, efficient and user-friendly breast pump becomes more than a simple tool, it becomes a key partner in supporting the breastfeeding journey, promoting maternal and infant health and work-life balance.

Among many brands and models, KISSBOBO stands out for its innovative design, excellent performance and user-centered concept, providing new mothers with a practical and stylish solution. KISSBOBO is more than just a breast pump brand; it's one crafted by professionals and visionary innovators to support every mother every step of the way in her breastfeeding journey, making the process easier, more efficient and Pleasurable companions.

Innovation and technological upgrading

In today's fiercely competitive maternal and infant market, KISSBOBO has successfully positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry by virtue of its outstanding performance in innovation and technological upgrading. The following are some important contributions KISSBOBO has made in this field:

Smart upgrade

KISSBOBO knows that new mothers need more than just a simple breast pump, but a smart partner that can understand and adapt to their unique needs. It is based on this concept that KISSBOBO has invested a lot of resources in major upgrades of its motors, aiming to provide mothers with a more relaxed and efficient breastfeeding experience. For example, the motor upgrade of the GLE10 product not only significantly improves milk suction efficiency, but also increases milk production by 30% through intelligent adjustment technology, which means that mothers can meet their babies' needs faster and have more milk at the same time. Time is used for rest and interaction with family.

In addition to the intelligent upgrade of motors, KISSBOBO is also committed to integrating the latest high-tech elements into product design to ensure that mothers can enjoy the most cutting-edge breastfeeding technology. The 1508 PRO product is equipped with an LED touch screen, making operation easier than ever. Users can easily switch between different breast pumping modes while monitoring the status of breast pumping in real time, including pumping time, mode and intensity. This increase in transparency and controllability greatly enhances mothers’ experience.

Adjustable suction modes and levels

In response to the needs of different mothers and changes in different breastfeeding stages, KISSBOBO has designed breast pumps with multiple suction modes and levels. For example, the 1508 product offers 3 modes and 12 levels of suction adjustment, including simulating the rhythm of baby sucking, and a gentler massage mode designed to promote the flow of milk while reducing discomfort. This high level of customizability not only allows mothers to choose the best pumping method for their individual comfort and needs, but also allows them to adjust usage patterns as their breastfeeding journey progresses and their breasts change, ensuring comfort and comfort throughout the entire breastfeeding period. efficiency.

Ergonomic design

In terms of product design, KISSBOBO adopts advanced ergonomic principles to ensure that each breast pump is not only fully functional, but also comfortable to wear and easy to use. Through in-depth research on breast shape, KISSBOBO's breast pump has designed a bra cup that conforms to the curves of the human body, reducing pressure on the breasts and increasing the efficiency of breast pumping. The ultra-thin design and use of lightweight materials make KISSBOBO's breast pump comfortable even when worn for a long time, and its elegant appearance avoids the embarrassment of wearing it.

Holding the KISSBOBO GLE 10 breast pump

Comfortable use experience

KISSBOBO also pays special attention to the experience of using breast pumps. In addition to the application of silent technology, mothers can use it with peace of mind even late at night without disturbing the rest of their babies or family members. It also has a specially designed structure that is easy to clean and assemble, simplifying cleaning work after use and saving valuable time. time and effort. In addition, KISSBOBO also provides comprehensive usage guidance and customer support to ensure that mothers can easily master the usage skills and receive quick help when encountering problems.

KISSSBOBO Gle 10 on the table, super quiet scene

Through these meticulous designs and services, KISSBOBO is committed to providing every mother with the most personalized and comfortable breastfeeding experience, so that mothers can enjoy the beauty of breastfeeding while also enjoying the convenience brought by technology and design. and comfortable.

Fashion and portability

KISSBOBO is not only unique in technological innovation and personalized comfort, but also has a deep understanding of modern mothers' needs for fashion and portability. To this end, KISSBOBO has specially designed a breast pump that is both fashionable and easy to carry and use, allowing mothers to enjoy breastfeeding while showing their personal style and seamlessly integrating into their busy and colorful lives.

fashion choices

In terms of design, KISSBOBO incorporates the latest fashion elements and provides a variety of color and style choices to meet the personalized needs of different mothers. GLE10 products stand out with their rich colors and elegant designs. From classic pink to vibrant yellow, each color is carefully selected to allow mothers to become the focus of fashion while using the breast pump. This design not only breaks the single and boring appearance of traditional breast pumps, but also makes choosing a breast pump as fun for mothers as choosing a favorite accessory.

KISSBOBO GLE 10 Variety of colors, lots of breast pumps placed on the table

Product portability

KISSBOBO is well aware of the pace of life of new mothers, so it places special emphasis on the portability of its products. Whether it is the lightweight design or the integrated structure, KISSBOBO breast pump becomes the perfect companion in mothers' daily life. The lightweight material and compact shape make the breast pump easy to slip into a handbag or under a stroller, ensuring that mothers can breastfeed anytime, anywhere and enjoy a worry-free breastfeeding experience, whether at home, in the office or on the go. In addition, KISSBOBO's breast pump is designed with an easy-to-operate interface, which can be easily adjusted even on the move, further improving the convenience of use.

KISSBOBO Breast Pump Ultra Light Display

Combine fashion and function

When KISSBOBO designs breast pumps, they not only consider the appearance and portability of the product, but also perfectly combine fashion and functionality. By using the latest materials and technologies, KISSBOBO's breast pumps not only have a stylish appearance, but also have excellent performance, which can meet the breastfeeding needs of mothers on different occasions, while also reflecting their personal style. This design concept that considers both fashion and function makes KISSBOBO unique in the market and has become the first choice brand for mothers in the new era.

Through these innovative designs, KISSBOBO has successfully transformed the breast pump from a single breastfeeding tool into a living art that combines fashion, portability and efficiency, allowing every mother to enjoy the wonderful time of breastfeeding. , while showing your own unique style.

Safety and Health

In the field of breastfeeding, safety and health are the topics that every mother is most concerned about. KISSBOBO knows this very well, so it always puts safety and health standards first in the design and manufacturing process of its breast pumps to ensure that every mother and baby can enjoy a safe and healthy breastfeeding experience.

Use BPA-free materials

All KISSBOBO breast pumps are made from BPA-free materials, which means that plastics containing bisphenol A are strictly avoided during the manufacturing process. Bisphenol A is a chemical that has been shown to pose a health risk to infants and young children. By using safe materials, KISSBOBO ensures that every mother does not have to worry about the potential risks of chemicals when using a breast pump, and can safely provide the purest breast milk to her baby.

Anti-reflux design

KISSBOBO breast pump adopts an advanced anti-reflux design, which can effectively prevent breast milk from flowing back into the machine during the pumping process, thereby avoiding the risk of contamination and bacterial growth. This not only ensures the purity and safety of breast milk, but also greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning the breast pump, allowing mothers to use it more conveniently and hygienically.

KISSBOBO breast pump disassembly diagram

Customer Service and Quality Assurance

KISSBOBO continues to pay attention to product safety and health standards, and provides comprehensive customer service and quality assurance. From product design to final shipment, every step undergoes strict quality control and safety testing to ensure that every breast pump meets the highest safety and hygiene standards. In addition, KISSBOBO provides detailed usage instructions and cleaning and maintenance suggestions to help mothers use and maintain the breast pump correctly and safely, ensuring that every use is a safe and healthy breastfeeding experience.

Science support and education

In addition to strictly controlling safety and health on the product itself, KISSBOBO also actively participates in scientific research and education activities on breastfeeding, and provides science-based breastfeeding advice and support to mothers through cooperation with professional institutions. These efforts not only enhance the sense of responsibility of the KISSBOBO brand, but also further enhance mothers’ trust in the safety and health of KISSBOBO products.

Through the above measures, KISSBOBO ensures that its products can provide mothers and babies with a safe, healthy and worry-free breastfeeding environment, so that every mother can choose KISSBOBO with confidence and enjoy the wonderful moments of breastfeeding.

Price comparison and cost-effectiveness

Price and value for money often become one of the deciding factors in the important and personal decision-making process of choosing a breast pump. KISSBOBO is well aware of this, so while ensuring product quality and innovative technology, it is also committed to providing competitive prices so that every mother can enjoy high-quality, cost-effective products.

There are many brands of breast pumps on the market, ranging in price from low to high, with different functions and designs. When comparing prices, the advantage of KISSBOBO breast pump is that it combines four core elements: advanced technology, personalized comfort, fashionable portability, and safety and health. Compared with other high-end brands, KISSBOBO provides more innovative functions and personalized options at a more affordable price. Compared with low-end brands, KISSBOBO has obvious advantages in material safety, comfort and technological innovation.




Weight / grams

Battery life

Special feature





3 hours

Intelligent response system; stylish and colorful choices

Elvie Elvie

Elvie Pump



2.5 hours

Intelligent application control; concealed wear


Wearable Breast Pump



1.8 hours

Easy to carry; fast charging


Freestyle™ Hands-free Breast Pump



2 hours

2-in-1 battery and mains operation; touch of button


Spectra® S1 Plus



2 hours

Silent mode; night light


Willow® 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump



2 hours

Completely wireless; smart tracking


All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump



2 hours

Portable design; USB charging

Customer testimonials

The growth and development of the KISSBOBO brand cannot be separated from the support and feedback of the majority of users. Customer reviews and community feedback have become an important source of KISSBOBO's continuous innovation and improvement, and are also an important reflection of brand trust and reputation.

My favorite wearable pump

“I am so happy my husband purchased these for me. When you need to cook, clean, or do stuff around the house or go places, this is the best wearable pump to use. It’s not heavy, not loud and it’s easy to clean plus it empties me out good.” – Denise C.


Reliable. Discreet. User friendly

“This pump has been an amazing addition to my collection! I was amazed by the amount I was able to collect straight after nursing especially since the suction isn’t too overpowering and harsh ! I also found the pump super discreet and comfortable to wear!” - Theresa Nardi


Perfect! Especially for a busy mum

“I was so impressed with this pump. I bought 2 and they have been so convenient. I can now travel anywhere and pump when needed. I'm so glad I didn't buy the ones at extortionate prices because this one is comfortable and does the same job.” - Stacey Waite


KISSBOBO attaches great importance to customer feedback and regards it as an important driving force for product improvement and innovation. The company has a dedicated team responsible for collecting and analyzing user feedback, regularly assessing user needs and challenges, and conducting product iteration and optimization based on this. Many practical new features and design improvements are directly derived from user suggestions, which reflects KISSBOBO's brand philosophy of putting users at the top of its mind.

Brand story and vision

The KISSBOBO story begins with a deep support for breastfeeding and a meticulous understanding of the needs of new mothers. Since its establishment, KISSBOBO has carried a clear mission: to provide mothers around the world with a safe, comfortable and convenient breastfeeding experience through innovative technology and humanized design. This vision is not only reflected in the research and development of each product, but also is the core of KISSBOBO culture and spirit.

Brand story

KISSBOBO was founded by a group of passionate parents, engineers and designers. They are determined to make a change after experiencing or witnessing the challenges and difficulties of their breastfeeding journey. They believe that every mother deserves a worry-free breastfeeding experience, and that the power of technology and design can make this vision possible. Therefore, KISSBOBO is committed to developing high-quality breast pumps to make breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable, and support the health and happiness of every mother and baby.

Brand vision

KISSBOBO's vision is to become a global leader in breastfeeding solutions, helping mothers overcome any obstacles in the breastfeeding process through continuous innovation and excellent product quality. KISSBOBO believes that every mother has the right to enjoy the best breastfeeding experience, and every baby deserves the healthiest starting point. In order to realize this vision, KISSBOBO not only focuses on product development and quality, but also strives to build a community of support and understanding so that mothers can feel warmth and strength during the breastfeeding journey.

While pursuing excellence, KISSBOBO is also well aware of corporate social responsibility. The brand is committed to sustainable development and adheres to the concept of environmental protection from product design to production to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimized. At the same time, KISSBOBO actively promotes the importance of breastfeeding through educational projects and public welfare activities, and supports mothers around the world to achieve their breastfeeding goals.