KISSBOBO 1508 Electric Breast Pump-gay
KISSBOBO 1508 Electric Breast Pump-Ultimate Silence
전동식 유축기-1508
전동식 유축기-1508
전동식 유축기-1508
전동식 유축기-1508


전동식 유축기-1508

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Ultra-quiet Breast Pump electrica

Introducing the KISSBOBO wearable electric breast pump - the ultimate solution for hands-free pumping on the go! Unlike manual breast pump, our hands-free breast pump can free up your hands, you can express juice, work, read, do yoga, etc. while breast pumping. With its innovative design, you can wear it directly in your bra while working, traveling, or simply relaxing.

Effortlessly Quiet, Incredibly Lightweight

KISSBOBO breast pump is designed with a lightweight construction, weighing only 201 grams, making it easy to carry. The operating noise is so low that you can hear a heartbeat, allowing you to pump in a tranquil environment.

Easy installtion & Portable Breast Pump

The pump features 2 modes and 9 levels of suction, including a Massage Mode to increase milk secretion speed and pumping efficiency, and a Suction Mode that mimics a baby's natural feeding rhythm for maximum comfort. The maximum suction force range is 280-320mmHg.

Automatic Breasts Pump

One of the standout features of the KISSBOBO pump is its ultra-quiet motor, which emits less than 40dB of noise, making it perfect for use around sleeping babies. It's also easy to charge with a Type-C port and can provide up to 4-5 pumping sessions on a single 1.5-2 hour charge. Plus, the 180ml capacity with graduated lines allows you to easily monitor your milk output.


The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump weighs only 201 grams, making it very lightweight and easy to carry.

The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump is designed to be quiet, with operating noise so low that you can hear a heartbeat, allowing you to pump in a tranquil environment.

The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump offers 2 modes and 12 suction levels, which can be adjusted to meet individual needs for a comfortable and efficient pumping experience.

The high-capacity battery of the KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump can last for 5-6 hours after a 90-120 minute charge. It automatically stops working every 30 minutes to ensure safety.

Yes, the KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump can be assembled in just 10 seconds and is very easy to clean, making it convenient to use at home, at work, or while traveling.

The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump is made from BPA-free silicone material, ensuring it is safe and non-toxic for both mothers and babies.

The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump package includes the electric breast pump unit, silicone breast shield, bottle, charging cable, and user manual.

The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump uses a Type-C charging port. You can charge it using the provided charging cable.

Yes, KISSBOBO offers excellent customer service. For any issues, you can contact our customer support team and enjoy a 24-month free return and exchange service.

The KISSBOBO 1508 breast pump is suitable for all mothers who need a portable and efficient breast pump, whether at home, in the office, or on the go.

Customer Reviews

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Love this pump! Love the comfort I have if being able to go anywhere and not have to worry!


I am super amazed with these pumps! I honestly love them better than my momcozy s12. The silicone parts to this pump feel WAY more durable than the silicone parts for momcozy and these empty me in 20 minutes versus the 30 minutes on my 3 other pumps. Super comfortable!

Domonique Jackson
Double pumps

One of the pumps broke after 5 uses and the other one still works well. They do a good job for the most part, but can’t ever seem to completely get all the milk out.