KISSBOBO Adhesive bra

KISSBOBO Invisible Underwear features:
Strapless design: KISSBOBO Invisible underwear features a strapless design that allows the wearer to easily remove the straps and avoid slipping and annoying. This design is perfect for wearing off-the-shoulder, suspenders or sleeveless occasions, and gives your shoulders a clearer and more elegant line.
Self-adhesive technology: This invisible underwear uses special self-adhesive technology that allows the bra to fit snugly against the breast and provide good support without the need for buttons or hooks on the back. This design not only increases the comfort of wearing, but also makes your appearance more elegant and natural.
Lightweight and breathable: KISSBOBO Invisible underwear is made of lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep you comfortable even in hot weather, while avoiding the airtight feel of heavy underwear.
Enhancing the fullness effect: This invisible underwear is designed to enhance and shape the breasts, making the breasts look fuller and firmer.
Available in a variety of sizes: KISSBOBO Invisible Underwear is available in a variety of sizes to suit different body types.
Make sure your breasts and skin are clean and dry before use to ensure the self-adhesive adhesive will adhere better.
It should be cleaned regularly after use, and avoid using detergents containing softeners, so as not to affect the viscosity of the self-adhesive.

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