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① Before using the Kissbobo Automatic Breast Pump, make sure that all parts are clean and properly assembled.

② Stimulate the nipple and use a nipple ruler to measure the nipple size, and choose to wear a flange that is 1-2MM larger in size than the nipple.

③Adjust the suction level according to the user manual, then gently place the breast pump over the breast to ensure a comfortable seal.

④Turn on the unit for commissioning and start operating at low suction power for a few minutes, then the suction power can be adjusted according to personal comfort.

①Before first use, and after every use, clean and sterilize all pump parts that come incontactwith milk.

Always use drinking quality water for cleaning.

③Separate all parts that can be sterilized at high temperature and clean them with a safety cleaner.

④After cleaning and sterilisation is complete carry out the correct assembly

⑤Check that the diaphragm and duckbill valve are intact, breakage will affect suction.

⑥After assembly, use a nipple ruler to select the flange size of your nipples.

⑦When using the breast pump, adjust the settings and modes of the breast pump to suit your suction power.

The battery life of the Kissbobo breast pump varies depending on the frequency of use and suction setting. In standard suction mode, a fully charged unit usually lasts about 2-3 hours of continuous operation. We recommend checking the battery level before each use and recharging as needed.

The standard set of Kissbobo automatic breast pumps includes the breast pump, straps, flange, charging cable and instruction manual. Accessories and replacement parts for the breast pump can be purchased separately on our website.

 Yes, we offer a one year limited warranty for Kissbobo automatic breast pumps, an additional 2 years can be added after activating the product warranty, the warranty covers product manufacturing defects and malfunctions but does not cover damage due to misuse or normal wear and tear, for detailed terms of the warranty, please refer to our Warranty Policy page.

We offer a 30-day return policy for the Kissbobo Automatic Breast Pump. If you are not satisfied with your product within 30 days of purchase, you can contact our customer service team for a return. Returned products should be in unused condition and include all original packaging and accessories.

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